Much to celebrate

28th July 2021

In May, Derek wrote to church members to let them know that he had found a new position at St Barnabas, Lingfield and that he would be leaving us at the end of July: Derek’s letter. Since then we’ve been busy making the most of Derek and Hayley’s remaining time here and starting to think about the future.

Celebration – Live long and prosper

On Sunday we celebrated 21 years of Derek’s ministry in Emmer Green and Caversham Park with a special service. Derek brought his lifelong passions of science fiction and Christianity together in a sermon where he encouraged us to boldly go, make it so, and live long and prosper. The recording of the service is available to watch:

What next?

Since Derek’s announcement, we’ve been talking to the diocese about the next steps and starting to plan for the period where we’re without a parish priest. David Howell, our church warden, is the primary point of contact for the parish. He’s already arranged a rota of local priests who will take our Sunday 9.30am and Wednesday 10.30am services for the next few months. We’re looking forward to welcoming these familiar and not-so familiar faces, and getting to know them better.

The PCC Secretary, Roger Moore, will keep everyone updated as more information about our next steps becomes available. 

If you have questions that you would normally ask Derek, please contact [email protected] and David will forward your question to the most appropriate person.

There will be many challenges over the coming months but with God’s grace we will continue to encourage each other and keep our community of faith in good health.