Said Holy Communion

We have a said service of Holy Communion every Wednesday at 10.30am. This is a shorter service (about 30 minutes) without music which suits people who’re looking for a quiet reflection. The service is followed by refreshments if you’d like company.

Why do I choose to attend the said services?

I began coming to the 8 o’clock service, simply for my own convenience. I live alone and I wake early. My family, who all live locally, will probably be dropping in to see me during the day but certainly not before 9 am on a Sunday. Being all working people they enjoy a slow start to Sunday.

Being a morning person, I enjoy walking to church before ‘the streets are aired’. As I approach the church door it is always opened with a smile and a quiet ‘Good Morning’.

I go into the church and there are a very small number of people scattered around the building. Human nature being what it is, we all tend to go to our favourite position (mine, by the radiator) in the church and not gathered together in the front row! As others arrive, we greet each other with a smile and simply mouth ‘Good Morning’ The atmosphere is one of peace and prayerfulness.

As the service begins you get a feeling that he is sharing it with you alone. As he continues with the readings and the sermon you are obliged to listen carefully. He can look in your direction and even make eye contact with you, a technique I used myself in the classroom! On a serious note the fact that there is less incidental noise, shuffling coughing et cetera makes the atmosphere more conducive to contemplation.

Another aspect of this service which I really enjoy is the fact that as the numbers are small we can all gather round the Lord’s table together, for communion in an intimate family atmosphere, which I will enjoy later in the day with my own family.

As we leave the church we have an opportunity to chat to each other and because there is no ‘queue’ we can have a longer in-depth conversation with Derek which I have, from time to time, found very helpful and comforting.   

Of course, I enjoy other services, particularly with opportunities to sing but there is always ‘Songs of Praise’!

Irene Lindsay