Living with loss

This support group meets on the third Friday of every month from 2-3.30pm. People attend either frequently, or only occasionally, as it suits them.

It is a small, informal, friendly get-together which those who have attended, either frequently and only occasionally, have found helpful.  One person commented:

“You have all really helped me to manage my grief, and know I am not alone.”

If you would like to know more, please phone Gillian Wilson, 0118 9478772.

Loss is an inevitable part of life, and can take many forms.  We lose our childhood as we move into adulthood, we lose friends over time, pets die, and we experience the loss of people close to us, either by death or relationship breakdown.

Each loss needs some readjustment to the pattern of daily living.  This may be finding new activities after retirement, getting used to a new neighbourhood following a house-move, working through the loss of confidence arising from a significant change in health, or learning to live alone when a partner dies.

All such events require both emotional and practical changes and can be painful.  Having the opportunity to share the experience with others who have lost too can be very positive, a reminder that someone else does understand what you are going through, that what you are feeling does not indicate that you are failing to cope but that you are experiencing the normal emotions following a loss.