This was the title, which Mark Burton gave to his talk to members of the Study and Discussion Group and friends at a meeting on the 6th March.

Mark set the scene by sharing something of his background. He came from a family of four children. Overall the influence was matriarchal due to the fact that his father was away for long periods as he was in the navy. After pursuing a variety of careers, both Mark’s parents trained as teachers.

The remembrance of an early church connection related to Mark being sent by his mother to Sunday school in an Anglican Church though she was not a Christian. Subsequently through the friendship of his sister with someone who worshipped at a Methodist Church, Mark went along where the teaching was much more appropriate for children than that in the Anglican Church.

After finishing his secondary school education Mark became an undergraduate at Trinity College Cambridge. During his time there he was confirmed by Bishop John Robinson, a renowned member of the clergy. Mark’s professional life has very much centred on different aspects of education.

In his power point presentation, which reflected an inter-active ethos, many challenges for group discussion emerged. Among these was included the topic of Christianity in this country and the role of the church in a society which for many people is an alien concept. Mission will be a theme which runs as a thread through the life of St. Barnabas Church in days to come.

We look forward to Mark making a return visit to the group.

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