It is sometimes difficult to navigate the rather complicated and correct response to a greeting according to books on English etiquette.

However, within church circles there are currently a variety of ways, which express a genuine pleasure of encountering another person. An aspect, which readily springs to mind, is the exchange of the Peace, which now takes place in many churches.

Within the joint benefice of St. Barnabas Church and Caversham Park Local Ecumenical Partnership ways of drawing the two congregations more closely together are increasingly taking place. Though there are parallels between the two churches St. Barnabas Church and Caversham Park LEP are two very different churches, one with a single denomination and one that is a partnership of denominations.

In November a group from St. Barnabas Church joined members of Caversham Park LEP for morning service held at their customary venue of Caversham Park Primary School. The service of Holy Communion contained a variety of input and the visitors were warmly welcomed. On the 16th March another combined service will be taking place, which will be held at 9.30a.m. in St. Barnabas Church. This will be Holy Communion a service mostly celebrated at St. Barnabas Church and with regularity at Caversham Park LEP.

Over the years, many people have commented on the friendliness of members of St. Barnabas Church. No doubt this will be greatly in evidence on the 16th March when people from Caversham Park LEP are welcomed with much warmth and receive the meaningful greeting of pleased to meet/see you.


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