Do you have time and talents?

On Sunday 13th October, we launched the St Barnabas Talents scheme as part of the Organ appeal. This scheme takes its cue from the Parable of the Talents, where Jesus tells the story of a man who entrusts money to his servants. We are looking for creative ideas to see some return on our investment.

We recognise that not everyone in the church has money to donate to the Organ Fund so we are offering £10 “seed capital” to invest, maybe in baking cakes for sale, buying car washing kit, material to make birthday or Christmas cards or a woolly hat to keep warm when offering a dog-walking service!  We want everyone, from the oldest to the youngest to feel involved in this exciting project and have some fun while they are doing it.  Maybe you even have some unused Nectar points or Tesco Clubcard vouchers that you could use as your own seed capital?

We are really excited to see how much our budding St Barnabas entrepreneurs come up with – a church in Huddersfield ran a similar scheme and 55 people made their £10 grow into a total of £10,000!

If you’d like to join the adventure, please get in touch with Robin Kent or download the Talents Form.

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