A ‘Busy Bee’ Monday is a happy Monday in our house. My daughter (3 yrs) skips off with great enthusiasm to St.Barnabus Church, guessing the craft along the way; be it glueing or painting but with the hope of lots of mess and maybe using the felt tip pens Mum doesn’t allow to be used at home!
My son (7 months) thoroughly enjoys the story time and happily claps along to some of the songs. The songs and stories take me back to my childhood and it is so lovely to share and pass them on, not to mention ‘revise’ my knowledge!
After our story and songs, my daughter is happily engaged with her craft and my son makes the most of the range of toys, it is my treat time- a hot cup of tea. Even better, it’s made for me and a biscuit alongside is the icing on the cake (hope you like my confectionary link?!) It’s over our hot beverage that us parents, grandparents and church members alike have a good catch up and these have been great for me in helping with all sorts of recommendations and general friendship.
After tidying up, we regroup for our farewell songs, normally filled with actions and musical instruments for accompaniment. Our thoughts turn to our next meeting and it is here that we are informed that as from September, Busy Bees will be every week on a Monday. So from this day forward every Monday will be a happy ‘Busy Bees’ Monday in our house.
Come and join the Buzzzzz- every Monday, at St.Barnabas Church, Emmer Green from 2-3pm.
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