Confirm the Way of Faith

The Way…

pathwayLike Barnabas we believe we have something we want to share with you which opens up a whole new way of life. Before Christians were ever given that name (Acts 11:26), they described themselves as ‘The Way’ (Acts 9:2).

In that simple image we can see that our life is a journey. When Jesus called his disciples he said, “Follow me…” (Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:17, Luke 5:27, John 1:43) Christians follow the way of Jesus Christ.

If you have ever wondered what your life is about, then you have already taken the first step on a journey like other human beings across the millennia – the journey of faith.


Bishop of Reading with St. Barnabas Confirmation Candidates – click to find out more

There are a number of groups who can help you to grow in the Christian faith in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance including:

If you wish to be confirmed, find out more by clicking the picture to the left. Or you may prefer to speak to the vicar.

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