All Emojis welcome at the 3rd Space

Fourteen children accompanied by seven adults were greeted by the welcoming team for the first ever 3rd Space (Café style church) at St Barnabas Church, Emmer Green at 2pm on Sunday 27th January, and what fun we had! After a selection of cakes, fruit, and a chat, we got to know each other by playing Pictionary. I remember when my children were young, how Pictionary would draw us close together. No pun intended.

On every table were emojis, these are images used on social media which relate to emotions we might be feeling at that moment e.g. happy, sleepy, anxious etc. Everyone was asked what emojis are. Do they use them? What are their favourite emojis? Families then designed and created their own emoji that reflected the emotion they were feeling, or ones that represented their family. After a contemporary worship song Revd Derek Chandler said that all are emojis are welcome in God’s heart, no matter how we are feeling. Jesus wants to come close to us whether we feel worried, shy, excited, or a even when we show a winky face!

The 3rd Space is “A pioneering initiative led by the two churchwardens of St. Barnabas providing young people and families with a welcoming, dynamic, non-threatening environment in which to explore the Christian faith. This is an exciting new model for religious worship which allows parents and children the space to participate together.”

The 3rd Space is held in the Parish Centre on the last Sunday of every month. To know more please contact David Howell, Sandra Rice, or Revd Derek Chandler.

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