2020 Vision

2020 Vision is about seeing clearly the Mission of God for the long-term future of His Church. It is about growing God’s Church as we serve His Kingdom today in Emmer Green & Caversham. To do this we provide a number of initiatives under the title Encouraging Life at the Crossroads.

St Barnabas Logo 2015In Encouraging Life at the Crossroads we seek to be a church at the crossroads of our community and at the crossroads of people’s lives making visible the presence of GodTo achieve our 2020 vision we aim to provide the following things, some of which we do already and some of which are our long term aims for 2020.

People are looking for answers to the fundamental questions of life but how may we best discover the answers together as friends on a journey? We provide Alpha and Christianity Explored courses and seek Fresh Expressions of what it means to be the church today through such things as COGS and Busybees.

Our Mission Action Plan was a two year consultation with members of St. Barnabas Church and with input from external advisors and a concluding report on the St. Barnabas MAP is now complete for you to view by clicking the link above. The MAP was about reordering ourselves to better engage with God’s mission. Partnership for Missional Church is a three to five year pilot project supported by the Bishop of Reading which compliments MAP. Find out more about PMC from another Church of England diocese by clicking the link above or more from churches in America by going to www.churchinnovations.org.

PMC ReadingA steering team has been formed between St. Barnabas and Caversham Park LEP. PMC is about Christians seeking God’s mission through prayer, fellowship, and outreach. Seven of the twelve Churches Together in Caversham are participants in PMC – it is therefore an ecumenical partnership about long-term change and growth.

Within the MAP process and to facilitate the vision of PMC we are establishing  a Growing Leaders course at St. Barnabas. The year long course equips lay leaders in the leading of God’s Church for the future. Lay leadership will form an integral part of a healthy church, ‘Growing Leaders’ seeks to nurture the gifts of all those called to this task.


St B at a Glance

In conclusion, we seek to provide a welcoming and friendly environment where enquirers, community and church groups can meet and grow together. We aim to make St. Barnabas Church an accessible and living community every day of the week. And we seek to create an open and welcoming space where people can find God in every aspect of their lives. Why not come and join us in our journey on the Way?


What is the Way? Click and you will see…

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